The NormaTec Pulse Pro is rehabilitation and recovery in one small package, essential for training rooms, pro athletes, teams and physiotherapists. The patented NormaTec Pulse technology is used by physiotherapists and strength and conditioning coaches throughout professional athletic teams worldwide.

The NormaTec Pulse Pro system is the most advanced system on the market for recovery and rehabilitation. Featuring new interactions and capabilities that allow you to fully customise every aspect of your compression programme with our advanced digital touchscreen interface, NormaTec Pulse Pro gives you the tailored experience necessary to optimise your recovery.

Like the NormaTec Pulse, the Pulse Pro features the Recovery Flush program for quick and easy sessions if you don’t have time for a full session but still need some post-workout treatment or simply need to attend to a persistent injury on-the-go. You can also apply extra attention where you need it most with the Pulse Pro’s Zone Boost setting, assisting the recovery of any specific, localised injuries. The NormaTec Pulse Pro has been specifically designed for portability, with rugged construction, and an internal battery so that you don’t have to interrupt your recovery just because you’re going away.

The NormaTec Pulse Pro packages all include the lightweight Pulse Pro control unit with digital display and full touchscreen capability, 12V 1.2A external power supply for the rechargeable battery and a durable carry case to keep all the components of your system safe and organised. Each package contains everything you’ll need for your recovery, tailored to the specific muscle group or area you need to attend to. Our leg and hip recovery system package covers everything from your lower back down to your feet, the arm recovery system package provides treatment for the entire arm and shoulder, and the full body recovery system package leaves you fully prepared to recover from any injury that may occur in your training.